2022 Conference

Orlando, Florida

Hyatt Regency Conference Center

Date: June 30th – July 3rd, 2022

Theme: Imagine – Spiralization – Perseverance

Tracks: Digital Citizenship, Sparkle Your Future, Magic of Multilingualism


Thursday, June 30th – Arrival

Friday, July 1st – Keynote and Workshops (TBA)

Saturday, July 2nd – Keynote and Workshops (TBA)

Sunday, July 3rd – Workshops and will end with Keynote (TBA)

This is NAD year so registration is happening through NAD and information about registration and hotel is here: https://orlando.nad.org/

Registration: https://orlando.nad.org/ndec-registration/

Costs to register for NDEC conference: 

NAD Membership fee: $40 (required)

NDEC CEU’s – $100 (optional)

NAD will have their events which will be on the registration form.  

Purplish background with 6 handshapes. left 2 shape like C. Same for right 2. in middle 2 handshapes showing the sign of summary . below is the drawing of disney magic kingdom and a genie lamp below. Text at top: "7th Annual National Deaf Education Conference June 30th - July 3rd 2022." Bottom text: "Imagine - Spiralization - Perseverance"