Resources for Families

The journey to learning is a simple, yet so complicated one.

Our aim is to make it less complicated for you.

We’re Here for You

Maybe your child’s school has just announced its shift over to remote learning, or maybe the school has already started.

Either way, we know it may be a difficult adjustment, especially if you’re working from home or suddenly unemployed, or are an essential employee (e.g., food service, emergency services, medical staff). That is the reason we created these resource pages.

We want to support you and your deaf or hard-of-hearing child. We created resources by age area, intended for a variety of learning activities, both independent and guided. We have also ensured balanced availability of general (English or Spanish only) resources and bilingual resources (either ASL or English, or both) that were created specifically with deaf and hard-of-hearing children in mind. We are including some tips here to get started or to support you in engaging your child’s learning at home.

Please email us at if you have any specific requests or questions. We are here for you!

Tips for Learning at Home

  • Set a routine or daily schedule. For examples, see Setting a Routine from PBS.
  • Identify a quiet area or spot in your home and use it regularly for learning activities.
  • Keep in mind that your child doesn’t have to “be taught” from 8 am to 3 pm. Experts suggest that preschoolers only need 30 minutes of direct learning/instruction, elementary school students 1 hour a day, middle school students 1 hour and a half, and high school students two hours maximum a day. Other than that, they should play, go outside (while maintaining social distance) for a walk, bike ride, or another outdoor activity, read, or create! For more specific tips, go to the COVID-19 page at Healthy Children.