Technology to Encourage Language and Literacy – Randi Mitchell

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As technology continues to advance, it changes how we view literacy. Literacy expression is not limited to pen, paper, and books because technology advancements have opened more doors and changed our ability to create and express ourselves.

Most individuals who are Deaf and Hard or Hearing use American Sign Language as their mode of communication. Since there is no printed form of the language, technology provides an opportunity for students to use video professionally and express their ideas, experiences, and thoughts. Technology, when used appropriately, is the perfect bridge to develop students comfort level in their first language and then learn to transfer those skills to English.

Attendees will learn how to use apps and software like Immersive Reader, Flipgrid, Quicktime, and BookCreator to publish digitally, promote literacy, and encourage language development. Activities will be modeled and explained so educators can quickly implement similar activities into their classroom or educational setting.

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