What Shoes Are You? Support for Emerging Signers – Lisa Montalvo

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How do we support the social-emotional learning and transition of diverse deaf and hard of hearing students who are learning to use American Sign Language (ASL) in school for the first time? One very successful approach is to include a counseling support group in an Emerging Signers Program that also provides ASL classes during the school day.

This workshop will share experiences from a weekly counseling support group in a high school residential setting. Not only are students new to ASL and Deaf culture, but they may also have their own unique identities based on race, culture, ability, or other factors, including cochlear implantation.

Come learn how to ensure students feel comfortable in their new shoes as emerging signers, and play a short stand-up presentation activity involving your favorite shoes! We will also discuss how the ideas and tips shared in this workshop are easily adapted and applied in elementary and middle school as well as in general education settings in which students need support in their acquisition of ASL.

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