2024 NDEC Conference

A Warm Welcome to the National Deaf Education Conference with NAD!

We are the co-chairs for this amazing conference: Beth Smiley (white woman with long brown hair and black polo shirt with NDEC Logo)  & Julie Stewart (white woman with wavy brown hair wearing black polo shirt with NDEC logo) 

We are thrilled to welcome you to the ninth annual National Deaf Education Conference (NDEC) in Chicago, Illinois! 

From curriculum advancements to innovative instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, and evolving assessment methods, the landscape of Deaf Education has undeniably transformed. One constant, however, remains unwavering: the unwavering dedication of educators to excellence in this crucial field.

NDEC provides a vibrant platform for educators, parents, administrators, and all passionate professionals to connect, share best practices, and collaborate. Through these collective efforts, we not only expand our resource pool but also empower future generations of deaf and hard of hearing learners.

This spirit of collaboration reflects the very foundation laid over 200 years ago. The Deaf and hard of hearing community recognized the need for enriched resources for its young learners. Today, NDEC proudly carries that torch forward, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange that ultimately serves the best interests of our learners.

Join us at NDEC as we embark on this exciting journey of learning, inspiration, and collective action! See you there!

Thank you!

Beth Smiley & Julie Stewart


July 3rd – July 6th, 2024

Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk

301 East North Water Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611